We've all heard of it happening, and maybe you've taken advantage of it yourself: Sometimes when you book a flight and it's oversold, airlines will offer you the chance to delay or cancel your flight in exchange for future vouchers. Sometimes you'll get lunch and get additional cash on top of your free ticket.

Ilda masa/ThinkStock
Ilda masa/ThinkStock

Have you ever thought about exactly how much money it would take for you to skip your flight out of town? What if the number was closer to what you'd make in several months than the price you paid for the ticket?

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Yes, you read that right. He was offered $10k to move to another day, or just drive. And if you're skeptical, others chimed in and said they were on the same flight and received the same offer.

Now, we are missing a few details, but based on what we know about the tweet, it looks like this was a flight scheduled to leave this weekend, which is a holiday weekend, and with this being the first big mid-summer travel weekend since COVID started, it's likely that flights are PACKED.

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If you're traveling this weekend, be safe, and have a plan in place just in case you too get offered an insane amount of money to give up your seat and have a well funded staycation.

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