Michigan has partnered with Ontario to figure out drone freeways so packages can be delivered in the region.

Much like airplanes have certain paths of travel over the state of Michigan, so will drones when delivering packages.

Michigan and Ontario are working on commercial drone skyways for their respective regions as well as some drones actually crossing the Canada/U.S. borders.

This all sounds great but I hope this doesn't lead to a new kind of criminal. It seems every time we make an improvement, a criminal enterprise finds a way to use it illegally.

FOX 17 reported that deputy administrator at the Michigan Department of Transportation Office of Aeronautics Bryan Budds said, "It's definitely an exciting time in aviation, as things start to change toward what we call future mobility.

I wonder if these new skyways will at one point clutter our skies since drones fly much lower than airplanes? Just like come communities don't allow businesses signs to be too high, will there be new limits on where drones can fly?

Don't get me wrong, there are tons of great uses for drones like when on a search and rescue mission, surveying the property, and amazing filming and photography of our great land here in Michigan.

These new drone skyways are being set up so drones can be driven without the pilot being able to see them. Part of the testing will be to see if these drones can get from point A to point B without being seen by their pilot as well as not crashing into buildings, trees, and other drones.

These drone deliveries will be for small packages to start, but like anything else, the drones and the packages will grow over time and that is why designated skyways are a must to keep the traffic under control.

These new delivery drones are not like the ones that kids and adults are using around the yard or the park. These drones are 5 feet across and can carry much heavier payloads.

Commercial skyways are being looked at for southeast Michigan, and international connection between Michigan and Ontario, and there is a third location for Michigan that has not been figured out yet but West Michigan could be potential with all the industry we have in the region.

With Michigan and Ontario being so close to one another, the two are huge trading partners and the two economies rely on each other, this is the perfect place to get started with drone skyways.

Michigan and Ontario hope to have the results of their study completed by the end of the summer.

Hey as long as they can figure out how to get a pizza to where I live is all I am concerned about at this time.

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