Aside from fronting Twisted Sister for decades and having a successful solo career, Dee Snider is an activist, and he's especially known for his attendance at the Parents Music Resource Center senate hearing in 1985. Z2 Comics has teamed up with the rocker for a graphic novel about his PMRC battle, titled He's Not Gonna Take It, which is coming soon.

Snider collaborated with Free Speech Advocate Unites and Z2 Comics for the project, which will recount his experience speaking at the senate hearing against the PMRC and Tipper Gore — who wanted to place an explicit warning label on music that alluded to even moderately graphic content — and his continued rally for free speech today.

The story will be retold by writer Frank Marraffino and illustrated by Steve Kurth, with cover art provided by Erik Rodriguez and Josh Bernstein. It'll be available in both softcover and hardcover versions, and there will be deluxe editions for purchase as well. The options range from $20 to $100. See a photo of the signed deluxe edition below.

"When I look back on that historic day, I think, ‘How did I fit balls that big into those skin tight jeans!?’” Snider said in a press release. "Then I reflect on the fact that I still stand for everything I stood for all those years ago...and I'm ready to do battle again."

"Unless you grew up during the PMRC hearings, I don’t think you can really understand what a massive impact it had as teenagers watched Dee testify before congress about the importance of freedom of speech,” editor Rantz Hoseley added.

“Metal and rock preached rebellion and fighting back in the song lyrics, but here was the only frontman who was walking the walk. In a world where you thought that adults said one thing and did another, it was the moment where you could believe... Yes, there are people out there who will fight for what is right, against all odds, no matter what the cost. It’s a story that is more vital today than ever.”

Pre-order your copy of He's Not Gonna Take It here. Orders are expected to ship in March of 2023.

Z2 Comics
Z2 Comics

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