It's been one of the burning questions of longtime Munsters fans since Rob Zombie started dropping plenty of teases about his upcoming film The Munsters - Where's Eddie? Butch Patrick played the boyish member of The Munsters family in the original series, and while Zombie has yet to comment on the character's existence in his film, he's now revealed that Patrick will have a role in the big screen update.

In a new social media posting, Zombie writes, "Where’s Eddie you ask? Well, I’ll tell you! My good buddy @the_real_butch_patrick_ is now in THE MUNSTERS as THE TIN CAN MAN. I am thrilled to have another original Munster in my new film. Get ready for some robot fun."

Within his social posting, Zombie included a trio of photos - one of his modern day Tin Can Man, a photo of Zombie posing with Patrick out of character on the set and a third photo of the original series in which young Eddie Munster actually shared some screen time with the Tin Can Man.

Speculation about Patrick's potential involvement only heightened in early May when Patrick told the 20TIMinutes podcast had seen an early cut of the movie that extended beyond two-and-a-half hours. Within that discussion, Patrick dodged the question of whether or not he made a cameo in the movie.

As Zombie neared completion of the film, much of the focus has centered on three characters - Herman Munster played by Jeff Daniel Phillips, Lily Munster portrayed by Sheri Moon Zombie and Grandpa Munster played by Daniel Roebuck. All three have previously worked with the director. And the initial trailer released in early June only featured the three Munsters characters.

In the original series, Herman, Lily and Grandpa Munster were central figures, while the family dynamic was filled out with young Eddie Munster, the only child of Herman and Lily portrayed by Patrick, and Marilyn Munster, the "plain" looking niece of Lily, portrayed by Beverly Owen first, then Pat Priest in the original series.

Back in April, it was revealed by Mirror Studios that they had worked with Priest, though details of her role in the new film were not detailed. While it now appears that both Priest and Patrick have roles in the Zombie-directed update, neither of their original characters have been teased so far for the upcoming film.

The movie is expected to have a PG rating and as seen in the trailer there will be moments shot in color as opposed to black-and-white. Zombie explained to EW earlier this month, "I knew that if I went in and demanded 'This movie's going to be in black and white or forget it!' we would not be talking about the Munsters right now, because it would have never happened. I guaran-fucking-tee it. But what I did do is I made the colors sort of hyper-real. I noticed when the actors were in their makeup and they were just walking around, getting lunch or whatever, they looked like cartoon characters come to life. They were just so insanely colorful. I was like, I have to light the movie in the same fashion. It really seemed at all times like a live action cartoon, which was really exciting."

He also revealed that he's keeping the family-friendly spirit of the show, explaining, "Yeah, it's 100 percent in the spirit of the show. I didn't want it to be different. I wanted to totally retain the vibe that it had in the '60s."

An official release date for the film has not been revealed, but it is expected to arrive this fall.

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