October 1 is opening day of archery season for deer, but the day before can be like Christmas Eve for bowhunters in anticipation of the season ahead.

I love to get up in a tree stand to hunt Michigan whitetail deer and opening day has always been special.

Even though I have never harvested a deer on opening day, just the excitement of never knowing what is going to happen on any given day in the woods is a lot of fun for many hunters including myself.

The day before opening day is the last day to make sure you have all your stuff together. I even lay out my hunting gear like I would my clothes when I was a kid going to school for the first day.

Hopefully you have prepared and don't have to make a last minute run to your local archery shop or hunting supply store.

I have been hunting a long time and at this point, I have just about two of everything I would need so I'm often loaning stuff to a buddy.

A good thing to do is get everything out, check and double check you have what you need. Maybe even shoot a couple arrows if you have not been practicing to make sure your bow is still dialed in.

I only shot a couple times this year and things were good, but now I need to practice a little at just holding my bow back. Many times I have pulled back on a big buck and he notice the motion and look my way and then I have to hold my bow forever until he calms down again so I can take a shot.

I love my job, but today and I cannot get through this day fast enough so I can get home and double check my gear. Make sure I know when the sun rises tomorrow and from the look of the weather forecast I better make sure I prepare for rain. I have a little rain top I can put above my tree stand, so that is one item I will be digging for so I can stay semi dry for opening day.

Enjoy your opening day in the woods no matter what day winds up being your opening day. Good luck and stay safe.