Korn have settled into a groove with their current lineup, which includes the returning guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, but former drummer David Silveria remains estranged from the band and still has interest addressing the topic. In a recent Instagram post, Silveria posted what appears to be a visibly doctored Blabbermouth article suggesting that fans wanted him back in the band.

"Geez. You guys are too much!!! Respect," Silveria captioned the post, which drove the conversation about whether or not he should be back in the group. One commenter pointed out the drummer's previous public derogatory comments about the group being a continued reason he hasn't been asked to return.

“Dude I am a fan of yours really, but the truth is you super disrespected them publicly, you called them “cowardly little bitch”, you threatened them, you sued them, you wanted to force your way into the band thru the fans, I know you had your reasons but you don’t win this one by being right you know?," stated the commenter going under the name drumlatin, who continued, "The reason Head is back is none other than love, and love can’t be forced into people…it only comes thru humility, forgiveness, and a sincere attempt to restore relationships for no other reason than the fact that they are your brothers, without these things if I was in Korn to be honest I don’t think I could have you around either, there’s just too much damage to overlook, anyways I don’t mean any disrespect I hope you can hear my heart, I am a fan and I believe your contributions to the band in the early days were invaluable, respect."

That drew Silveria's attention, who responded, "Normally wouldn’t even answer this. But to say. I have apologized to all members of Korn. I was immature, hurt and mad that after head they wouldn’t let me back in. Specifically because the year before head came back I personally talked to head and tried to get him to along with me talk to the guys about both of us going back to Korn."

The drummer continued, "At that time head said, 'David, you and I are good friends. But don’t call me if you are only going to try to get me to go back to Korn. I will never go back.' Then less than a year later he goes back to Korn. On our phone call he said very negative things about Korn which I won’t repeat."

Silveria goes on to add, "The things I said were wrong and mean. I haven’t said anything negative about Korn in years now. I have the upmost respect for the guys and an appreciation for every one of those guys. The end.”

Back in June, the drummer told Doc Coyle on the Ex-Man Podcast that his exit from the band was due to a miscommunication with the band's members as well as an excruciating back injury.

"There was never any reason I can think of, but it just seemed like at a point we kind of stopped communicating with each other like we had in the past," stated Silveria, "And instead of talking as a band, individuals would start calling our managers and talking to them about things. And it kind of broke our communication between all of us as a band. And I think once that started to happen, the relationships between everyone kind of steadily went on a decline."

One other bone of contention between the drummer and his former bandmates includes a dispute over royalties. Back in February, it was reported that Korn took legal action against Silveria after the drummer allegedly violated his break-up agreement with the band while seeking payments he was not entitled to. According to the report, the group was seeking to bar the drummer from collecting future royalties after breaching the contract.

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