Former Korn drummer David Silveria has stepped down from Breaking In a Sequence. Here's the statement his bandmates released about his departure.

The drummer was with Korn from 1993 to 2006 and Infinikia from 2012 to 2015. From there, he joined a band called Core 10 in 2016, but after that group underwent a significant lineup change, he started up Breaking in a Sequence, who were also known as B.I.A.S., in 2018.

Silveria has two kids, Sophia Aurora, and David Jr. and the reason why he left the band is to spend more time with his family. According to Breaking in a Sequence's statement on social media, "David has made the tough decision to step down from the band to spend more time with his family."

"Words cannot describe what an honor it has been to play, write and share the stage with such an icon," the band continued in their statement alongside a picture of all five bandmates together. "Together, we created something to be proud of and in turn, rekindled the joy of playing just to play, in all of us. We wish our brother all the best in his future endeavors."

The band's statement also makes mention of their upcoming EP and reveals that his replacement "drum tracks for the next EP have been completed and David has given us his blessing to move forward without him."

They continue, "In the interim, we will continue production on EP3 and work to ramp up David's replacement. Thank you to everyone who has listened and supported us over the years. Let's give it up for Mr. David Silveria! - Rich, Joe, Chris & Mike."

You can see Breaking in a Sequence's heartfelt statement about Silveria's departure below.

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