I'll never understand chucking your drink on stage during a concert.

A) It's rude and dangerous
B) Why waste beer?

Van Halen's David Lee Roth had some words for a fan who threw a beer on stage at an August 27 concert at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey, Blabbermouth reports. 


Just after finishing "In a Rhyme", the band was about to launch into "Dirty Movies" when Roth stopped them.

Somebody just threw a beer up here," Roth announced, while a roadie cleaned up the liquid. Roth continued,  "In a younger day, I would've promised I would've slept with his girlfriend. At this point in my career, the roughest, most fucked insult I could probably make to this guy is that I probably already have slept with his wife... Can you control that mother******? I'll talk to you later, sweetheart."

He signaled to the band to start up again, then had some final words for the beer-thrower, accompanied by an obscene gesture with the microphone: "Next time, you save the beer for me, you slime."