David Lee Roth may have just shot down any hopes of a Van Halen reunion, but that doesn't mean he's done putting out music. The vocalist has just confirmed that the material he worked on with guitarist John 5 several years ago will eventually be released.

"It will," Roth told WRIF. "There's been a revision of things, and I can start making real plans and start marching into the future. And, of course, you'll start hearing that material. This is material that we wrote variously for me solo and for Van Halen, and it's quite a bank of stuff."

The singer doesn't have a set timeframe for a release of the album, as his next project is a residency at the House of Blues in Las Vegas next year. This would be the vocalist's first release since Van Halen's A Different Kind of Truth in 2012.

John 5 played a snippet of the material during an interview back in May, and fans became eager at the anticipation of a release from the two musicians. It wouldn't be the first time Roth and John 5 worked together — the guitarist's career was jumpstarted when he played on Roth's 1998 solo album DLR Band. 

John 5 is set to appear at this year's Megacruise on Oct. 13. His tour in support of his latest album, Invasion, picks up in Michigan at the end of the month with Jared James Nichols and Reverend Jack. See the dates here.

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