Throughout rock's history, certain artists have accessorized to maintain their signature look. Black Sabbath have their cross necklaces, Slash has his top hat and for Disturbed singer David Draiman, it's two curved pieces of metal dangling from his chin... well, not anymore.

Since Disturbed's breakout success in 2000, those piercing have been a constant aspect of Draiman's image and now he's made the decision to remove them. "They're kind of a pain in the butt, to be honest," said the singer with a laugh in an interview with Deutsche Welle. Admitting age was a factor in the decision, he explained, "It just felt kind of weird walking around like a 45-year-old Hot Topic kid," laughing once more. "I just felt it was time," he concluded. Draiman is referring to the fashion stereotype of the denizens of the rock / punk / metal clothing chain that also sells pop culture merchandise and body jewelry.

Disturbed will release Evolution, their seventh studio album, on Friday (Oct. 19). So far, the band has released three new songs: "Are You Ready," "A Reason to Fight" and "The Best Ones Lie."

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