One thousand Foo Fighters superfans and musicians came together to play "Learn to Fly" with the hope of getting the band to play their hometown in Italy.

And it worked!

Upholding his reputation for being the nicest guy in rock, Dave Grohl announced in Italian that the Foo Fighters are coming to Cesena, Italy!

Grohl posted the video to Facebook, saying:

"Ci vediamo a presto, Cesena.... xxx Davide" (See you soon, Cesena.... David xxx)



The Alternative Press translates Grohl's message:

“Hello Cesena, I’m David, hi, and I’m sorry, I can’t speak Italian, just a little, just a little bit. This video.. beautiful, really beautiful! Thank you so much. We are coming, I promise. See you soon! Thank you very much, love you, bye.”

Seriously, how freaking sweet is that? Just when we thought the Foo Fighters could get any more awesome or dedicated to their fans, they outdo themselves!

In case you missed the original video, here's the impressive performance by 1,000 diehard Foo fans!


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