Ok girls don’t let this next one scare you, you girls should absolutely and always date older guys, and this is a very isolated incident. Over the weekend I was killing beers with a chick friend of mine who told me about this one, had to share it with you! It’s about a 50 year old California dad and daughter who is 19 years old and she goes to college in El Cajon California.

And I guess she was dating a 33 year old guy named Steve. Well dad didn’t like the fact that Steve was a little older than his daughter, and for months and months he’d been telling his daughter to break up with him, but she just would not do it. So finally the dad decided to matters into his own hands, he himself was going to end the relationship! The only this was, he couldn’t find Steve. He didn’t have his cell, and his daughter wouldn’t tell him where Steve lived, so the dad went to her college, and hung up 300 Wanted Dead or Alive posters with Steve picture on it! It had a phone number to call (his) and an address (his) where to drop off Steve’s dead body, If you were so inclined to kill him!


And yes, upon visual inspection, to verify that Steve was in fact dead, that person would receive a one time cash payment of $3000K! Hahaha! Yea, it didn’t take cops long to roll up to the guys house and arrest him for solicitation of murder! Dad told the cops he was only kidding and didn’t really want Steve dead, cops didn’t care and arrested his creepy murder soliciting ass anyway!

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