I don't know how we missed this the other day because the cuteness level is a solid overload.

The John Ball Zoo posted to Facebook on August 6th, the adventure Slyde, one of their otters, had when the gave him a treat of fresh crab.

How to prepare fresh gourmet crab (Slyde style):

1) Dunk crab in water
2) Rub all over your tiny teefies
3) Hold it in your fuzz-paws and stare longingly at it for sometime
4) And finally, place on head and wear as a hat

My favorite part is that he wore it as a hat while he swam around. I need to get back over to the zoo before they close for the season (which is happening early this year, because they're going to do some construction.)

The John Ball Zoo is open 7 days a week, 9 am to 6 pm.

Don't forget Tuesdays through August is "Two Cans Tuesday",  you can get in for half price for just bringing in two cans of food, which the zoo donates to Feeding America West Michigan.

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