New technology can be quite confusing sometimes, especially when grandma takes a crack at it.  And that is demonstrated in this Instagram video that went viral last week.

First of all, this is an extremely adorable video and I hope that I am that bad with the latest technology when I am her age too.  Why?  Because I always wanted to be in a viral video and I'm pretty sure since I don't have any cool talents, that the only way I'll end up in one is if I have some sort of fail like this.

Let's get back to the video though...  Oh grandma, the virtual assistant is not having a conversation with you right now.  But, it is completely adorable that you think it would be and it is even more adorable when you start reading what you are dictating so it seems like you got stuck in some sort of loop.

If you have a video of a grandparent in your family struggling with technology, be sure to share it with us in the comments section.

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