I was really pumped about getting to fish Muskegon Lake, and yes, we did bring home a few walleye, but it wasn't the best weekend to fish.

I have been hearing about Muskegon Lake for a lifetime and finally got to fish it this past weekend.

My buddy and I chose this weekend to fish back in August and since we both have really strict work schedules, if we pick a weekend, we are stuck with the conditions mother nature provides us.

I was told that Muskegon Lake can get some big waves and sure as s#$% it did. Part of what was taking the joy out of fishing, was trying to stay in the boat.

Normally I'll break my camera out and get a shot of the sun rising or the fog on the water, not on this trip. I had my phone in a protective cover that I use for kayaking just in case water got in the boat or even worse, we fall out of the boat.

I'm not sure we were doing more fishing or riding the waves but we drove there and we were committed to do what we said we were going to do and that was catch some walleye.

We had chosen to fish on the back end of the lake and unfortunately that is where the waves are the biggest but we didn't let that stop the mission for the marble eyes.

We didn't get a lot of hits but did manage to get a couple keepers to bring back to the fryer.

With the weather conditions as they were, I can only imagine how good that lake is to fish when it has more fishable conditions.

We were going to return on Sunday morning to try again but when we got up the winds were high again so we went to Croton Pond where the wind was more manageable. Unfortunately is just wasn't a good morning to fish either.

Until next time, Muskegon Lake. One of these days I will get to fish you on a good day.

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