If M-6 is your daily route, some good news!

Since the concrete is starting to crumble at a faster rate than anticipated, the Michigan Department of Transportation announced on Friday that they would start construction on it later this year, according to WZZM-13. Construction wasn't supposed to begin until 2018.

Those that drive along M-6 know that the highway is less than ideal. The damage stretches across three miles from Wilson Ave in Kent County into Ottawa County.

M-6 was completed in 2004 and the concrete was expected to last about 20-25 years but the deterioration began too early and became a concern last year. State officials from MDOT told WOOD-TV in 2016 that natural resin, a major component in making concrete, was left out.

The joints are what’s failing on M-6 because of the bad concrete mix.”

The project is expected to cost $9.7 million dollars and begin sometime between mid to late summer.

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