Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a story about a good samaritan who's possibly going to be charged for doing something nice at a vandalized cemetery! In Lacota cemetery, there had ben some vandalism of headstones, and Craig Gentry thought it was wrong and disrespectful that they'd been damaged for weeks and not repaired.

So he fixed them. For free. Like a good person would.

Now, Geneva Township is pissed. Geneva Township board members took out an ad in the newspaper, claiming intent to prosecute not only the vandals, but everyone who repaired the headstones!

Not only did Mr. Gentry save the town the $50,000 the town would have paid for the repairs, they did it for free, and with their own time and supplies. Gentry doesn't even have any relatives buried in Lacota Cemetery!

All the people that joined with Mr. Gentry to help repair the headstones did so out of courtesy and to honor the families with relatives buried in the cemetery. No one fixed things maliciously, and the board members should be ashamed of themselves! One of the men helping Craig Gentry was the father of one of the kids being charged with the vandalism.

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