Grand Rapids Police are investigating after the 5th break-in in four weeks at Creston Market on Plainfield Avenue.

According to WZZM-13, someone smashed the glass door and broke into the market shortly after midnight on Monday.

Creston Market co-owner Lawrence Duthler says the thieves are stealing cigarettes and other convenience store items. He says each time the suspects have been caught:

“Between all the video surveillance and the police department on top of it, it is not a good place to break into. Police keep catching them. We are trying to send a message around the neighborhood that this is probably not the place you want to break into.”

They've had to replace glass in the door 5 times. This time around, they got a special type of glass that's much harder to break. Despite the thefts, Duthler remains positive, telling WZZM-13,

We have great customers, we have a great area around here and we are not going to let a couple of bad eggs spoil it.”


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