Rule number one for musicians performing live:

Never piss off the sound guy, or the dude recording your show.  One will make you sound like crap once at the show, the other will share your awfulness with the world many times over!

That's exactly what this guy has done.

I was hired through the venue to record this show (including many others throughout that week) and was then left standing with a hard drive and an invoice no one seemed to want. Four years later I still have the files and not really any idea what to do with them. But I like to share. So here we are.

via J.M. Ladd's YouTube Channel

I'm not sure why he's taking his anger at the venue out on Courtney Love, but I must say, I don't really mind.

I think what this video really proves is Courtney Love's absolute musical genius.  The fact that she sold as many records as she did with this level of talent is stunning.  How did this mess even get a record deal in the first place?  How did the label justify to itself keeping her on, and releasing this garbage?

These are deeper, and more confusing mysteries than Kurt's "suicide".  She had something to do with it.

Anyway, here's the isolated vocal and guitar track from a Hole performance of "Celebrity Skin" live in New York City.  Try not to stab anything sharp into your ears to make it stop...just hit the pause button.

Here's what everything sounded like during the show with the rest of the band, so you can hear that it really is the same performance:

...and, just to showcase these amazing talents's a totally different performance of the same song, from somewhere else completely...with an amazing Courtney Love guitar solo intro: