An Olympia, Wash., house described in its listing as a "major fixer" and "not for the faint of heart" has been sold. But the agent believes it is worth it, in part because of the person who was selling the home: Courtney Love.

Although the three-bedroom, two-bathroom house is only 2,302 square feet, it sits on a large, 295,337-square-foot (6.78 acres) lot, complete with a guest house, an eight-stall barn, lots of trees for privacy and Swift Creek frontage. However, the agent, Spence Weigand of Virgil Adams Real Estate, Inc., wrote that the "main home needs a ton of work (also known as 'everything')" and that the guest house has suffered fire damage. And as you can see by the pictures below, the property is strewn with graffiti.

Love purchased the house in 1995 for $447,000. It was listed for $319,900, and the sale is currently pending, with the price unknown.

Variety pointed out that Love has a poor history with keeping homes in good condition. In 2011, she was evicted from a townhouse in Manhattan's West Village that she was renting for $27,000 a month due to "unauthorized decorative alterations" and a fire that started when a candle was too close to the curtains. They also recalled photographs of a squalid Los Angeles apartment she shared with husband Kurt Cobain in the early '90s.

Love hasn't released an album since Hole's 2010 effort Nobody's Daughter. But she recently appeared in Marilyn Manson's video for "Tattooed in Reverse" as a nurse.

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