A wedding invitation sent to the wrong address usually would make any other bride freak out but this time it turned out to create a special moment between strangers!

Now, we're not ones to judge, but we're going to assume that this couple's wedding day will be one that you say "well it was perfect, for them" so an invite is probably not as coveted as others but the sentiment is still the same!

When the mystery sender received the random invitation, they didn't just toss it in the trash but instead decided to respond with $20 and a note for the happy couple.

"I wish I knew you - this is going to be a blast," said the stranger, "Congratulations - go have dinner on me. I've been married for 40 years - it gets better with age."

The couple did take the $20 and brought their friend who will be deployed by the time of the wedding to dinner and plan to send the mystery invitee a thank-you note and possibly a gift!

We're actually hoping the random person actually ends up going to the wedding!

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