Ford and McDonald's have partnered to turn coffee waste into automobile parts.

According to FOX 17, Ford has asked McDonald's to contact their coffee suppliers so Ford can use their coffee bean skin that is made during the roasting process to make plastic headlamp housing used in some of their automobiles.

Companies like the Ford Motor Company, are trying to find new ways to reduce their impact on the environment by making sustainable materials to build consumer products.

Apparently the coffee by product is a more sustainable material in making the headlamp housing. The material is widely available so once Ford perfects the headlamp housings they plan to make other plastic auto parts from coffee waste.

Ford has been working on other solutions for making plastic for their parts for over a decade.

Ford has used waste from soy, wheat, coconut, tomato and other plants to help make parts.

Ford and McDonald's are just one example of how companies can work together in making sustainable solutions in making new products. This is only the beginning.

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