Every 17 years the Brood X cicadas make an appearance and when they do, they also leave a little something behind.

I have seen a few cicadas this year at my place but this year they were overshadowed by the Gypsy Moth Caterpillars that are still being a problem.

I have only seen a few live cicadas this year but mostly what I have seen from them is what they left behind and that is their carcasses. These I have been finding all over.

According to FOX 17, the Brood X cicada carcasses are full of nutrients that are beneficial to plants, especially trees. These carcasses are a natural fertilizer that will help any plant or tree that it is near. Now don't think your plants are trees are going to grow faster and greener but they will get nutrients they can use from the cicadas.

Some of my trees are going to need the extra nutrients since the Gypsy Moth Caterpillars are doing so much damage. Maybe this is some sort of nature balance or something.

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