That new friend seems cool, and tons of fun. But you don't really know them until you live together for a while. Sometimes, it doesn't even take that long before you start to realize you might have made a mistake.

Take living with Jigsaw from the Saw movies. Sounds fun, right? He likes games, goes to great lengths to set up challenging puzzles, is made of wood, so doesn't poop much...seems ideal!

Not so much.

"You're completely surrounded by armed mouse-traps."

That's the least complicated thing you can expect from your new live-in pal.

"The wine in your glasses has been replaced with the blood of a three toed sloth."

Wait, what? Where'd you even GET that?

Think things through before you make the kind of commitment where you're living with Jigsaw. Or a woman. They can make Jigsaw seem sane in comparison.

Thanks to Chris Capel for this funny video.

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