I get submissions from local bands all the time but every now and then I get one that is much better than usual. So I thought I would share this one with you.

I got the email last weekend from a band called Ellie Blackout. In the email the writer said the band was an indie rock band from Grand Rapids requesting so air play for their song.

I get emails like this all the time and rarely does a song have any potential. I used to play in a band so I know what it's like submitting music in hopes someone will at least listen to it, so I always do no matter what even if it takes me a week or two to get around to it.

So a week later I click on the link for Ellie Blackout's single "Every Bridge You Burn", and was pleasantly surprised. The guys put together a video for the track and did a pretty nice job.

The song is well put together, the lyrics are good and the hook is really good. Ellie Blackout guitarist Jakub Duchnowski put a killer guitar solo in the mid section of the song, something I didn't see coming.

Most people focus on what COVID-19 has done to the touring industry and the big bands but not much talk about the up and coming young bands. So that is why I am turning you on to this from Ellie Blackout. So look them up sometime and check out the song I posted below and if you like it, help these kids out and share it some friends. That's what I did.

Maybe next time Pop Evil, Wayland or Sleeping With Sirens hits the road, maybe one of them will invite Ellie Blackout along.


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