You've probably heard me talking about Logan's Roadhouse recently, hinting that their 2 for $14.99 is a fantastic deal.  Well, the nice people at Logan's invited me over for lunch today, so I could sample some of these meals, and since I love that place and their rolls, I didn't even hesitate!

Of course, as soon as you walk in, there's a bucket of peanuts on the table, waiting for you to munch on, and they don't even care if you throw the shells on the floor!  Just remind your kids that that will not be tolerated at home, later.

Then, when they bring you whatever drink you order, and they have a huge selection of drinks, including several pages of amazing alcoholic beverages, including some made with Moonshine, they will bring you my favorite thing ever:

The made-from-screatch yeast rolls!

I could go to Logan's and make an entire meal of these things, seriously.  They're so good, and come with melted butter over the top...I now want more of them.  Our server, Beverly, loves those rolls, too, and she totally understood my desire to eat as many of them as I could.  Thanks for enabling me, Beverly!

Before you stop me, thinking, "It's only a couple meals you can get", it's like 16 different things you can choose for your entree!  I love the salmon, so I had to get that, but I can always eat shrimp, or chicken, or steak, or pork chops.  There's not something on this menu I would shy away from, it's all good!  The sides I chose were the baked potato and a salad, since I knew there was an order of potato skins coming.

They make their potato skins from scratch in the restaurant, too!

They wouldn't let me go until I had one of their desserts in a little Logan's bucket, too!  It's probably the best idea I've seen, the small, low-priced desserts in the little bucket.  It's not too much for you after a huge meal, and they're really good.  You get to keep the bucket, too, for shots later.  That's what I call planning.

Go have a great meal at Logan's, I promise you won't regret it.  I tried to take pictures of the food before I started eating, but it was so good, I had trouble remembering that.  I did remember to get them at some point, though!

My tip: Go to the Logan's on Alpine, and get Beverly's section, she took such good care of us, she's the BEST!

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