There were rumors that the Mackinac Bridge walk on Labor Day may not continue, but now we know that’s not true.

The Mackinac Bridge Authority released a statement on their website noting changes in this year’s walk.  Previous years you were able to walk from one end to the other, but last year there were some busing issues that put the walk in question.

The MBA voted to have the walk start on both ends of the bridge, St Ignace, and Mackinaw City.  Walkers will walk to a midway point on the bridge on one side, cross lanes to the other side and walk back.  You’ll also be able to start anytime between 7 am and noon, but of course closer to noon, you won’t be able to go out on the bridge as far, due to timing to reopen the bridge.

MBA Board Chairman William Gnodtke noted this was a big change, but also better than not being able to continue the tradition,

   “We take very seriously the safety of all walkers and the busing issues during last year’s walk that prevented many people from participating as they’d planned. It’s not a given that this event will continue forever, and while this is a big change, the Authority felt it is the best way to address those concerns and keep this 60-year tradition going.”

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