If you're headed to Cedar Point any time soon, you might want to take one last ride on their iconic Mean Streak roller coaster.

WZZM-13 reports that Cedar Point will close the wooden coaster September 16.

According to park officials, more than 26 million people have ridden the Mean Streak since it's opening in 1991.

The coaster is 161 feet tall, with a 155-foot drop. At the time of it's opening, it was the tallest, fastest wooden coaster in the world.

Jason McClure, vice president and general manager for Cedar Point said,

 "Mean Streak has, and always will be a significant part of our roller coaster legacy at Cedar Point. But we have our sights set on the future of FrontierTown, and unfortunately, that means Mean Streak has to leave our lineup of world-class attractions."

Here's a front row, Point of View video of the Mean Streak: