Omicron is spreading like wildfire and if you have not worn a mask in the past, it's time for all of us to put them back on again but cloth masks won't cut it this time around.

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Health experts all across Michigan and the rest of the country are urging people to put their masks back on but make sure you are using something better than a cloth mask. Cloth masks are unable to stop the spread of the highly contagious omicron COVID-19 variant.

Michigan is seeing its highest number of infections since the pandemic has begun. Even higher than last winter at this time very same time.

It is really important that we all mask up but also mask up with a device that is tight to the face. If you have any cloth masks around, it is time to get rid of those and step up that offers real protection.

Human droplets are how the virus spreads. Cloth masks do not stop those human droplets.

FOX 17 reported, with omicron, the CDC says, the mask you wear will severely impact your risk of exposure, especially in an enclosed space such as for example, a dining igloo. 

The CDC will soon be updating their mask guidelines which will be the first update since last July when the Delta variant was running wild.

It is so important to get back in the habit of wearing a mask while indoors, anywhere there is a large gathering, even if it's outdoors. Once people started getting vaccinated they began not wearing their masks as I was guilty of it too. When I heard about omicron and how much more rapidly it spreads, I started wearing my masks again while I was Christmas shopping. I wasn't the only one wearing a mask while shopping but at times it sure seemed like it.

Now that the omicron variant is taking hold of Michigan you really need to get a mask that does the job. Wearing any old thing is not going to cut it anymore with omicron.

The N95 masks are still at the top of the list and much easier to find now. The KN95 is another great option and costs a little less. Both of these masks are far superior to a cloth mask and your best options to protect yourself and others around you.

The Biden administration is looking at making high-quality masks available to everyone in America and making testing more available.

I stocked up on mask a while ago so I'm good for quite a while. If you can afford to have a decent supply of masks, it's always good to leave extra in your vehicles, your desk at work or work area, and even near the front door of your home in case, someone stops by unexpectedly.

Look for the CDC to update these guidelines any day now. Do your homework and mask up. Watch some of the videos that accompany this story and they may help you make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Remember, wearing a mask is not a fashion statement, it's a way to protect you and others from spreading omicron and any other COVID-19 variant.

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