There has been an update to social distancing guidelines according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to WOOD, the CDC says students now social distance at 3 feet in classrooms but must wear a mask.

So the 6 foot rule is gone for schools which means more desks can be back in the classroom. There will still be some staggering of desks but more kids can be in the class now.

Kent County were one of the first to pilot the 3-foot rule 3 weeks ago as a part of a study and now it has gone nation wide.

My son went back to in person learning earlier this week and he seems happy to be back with his classmates, but that doesn't mean I don't still worry about his safety. A parent can only control what happens in their house but who's to say what happens with other kids in their home's?

I'm sure kids getting back together is good for them not to mention in person learning is much better and will get them back on a stronger curriculum to make up for the time spent away from the classroom and a full on load of studies.

Since younger kids don't spread the virus as much as adults do and are less likely they will get seriously ill from COVID-19 the 3 foot rule just makes sense. The teachers on the other hand, it might be different. The good news is all teachers can now get vaccinated, let's just hope they all choose to do so.

Other things the CDC has updated is the need for shields or other dividers between the kids desks. As the students get to the higher grades, the CDC is recommending the 6 foot rule be in place if the space the students have allow it.

Anything that requires students to cheer, sing, assemblies or sporting events, 6 feet is still the go to because these are the situations where the spread of the virus is most likely to happen.

Teachers and any adults on the school grounds still should remain at 6 feet from one another and 6 feet from the students.

Time will tell on what is working and what is not but until this pandemic is over, it is still important for all to always keep their guard up because there is a lot we don't know, but more importantly a lot that scientists and health professionals are still learning about the virus.

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