It what seems like a yearly warning, the Center for Disease Control has issued a warning to not eat raw cookie dough this Holiday Season.  Bt, it isn't the raw eggs they are most concerned about, it's the flour.  Say what!?

That's right, the flour could be the most dangerous of the ingredients in raw cookie dough, cake mix, or any other baked good.  That's because the flour is a raw agricultural product and that means it hasn't been treated and might contain E. coli or other germs that are harmful.

In addition to the flour, raw cookie dough also contains eggs which can contain Salmonella.  Both the flour and the eggs become safe to eat after being baked.

E. coli and Salmonella are especially harmful to children and the elderly, so be sure if you have a little helper in the kitchen when making cookies, that they don't eat any of the dough and wash their hands after handling it.

You can read about the CDC's 'safe food handling practices' for baking cookies on their website to get some tips and tricks on how not to get sick.

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