Over the weekend, my sister (who is with DM Photography) visited. We decided to finally do my "Punisher" photo shoot.

My brother-in-law came along to be a prop. Well, he actually came because he had nothing to do and he also brought me guns to use -- and a sword and assorted knives.

Yes, he likes weapons apparently.

First, I had a collaboration. This was definitely a team effort.

he makeup was done by Erick Gerson, who is an incredible makeup artist. The hair was done by Sin Chun of salon Sin Republic. (That is a kick-ass salon; if you haven't been there, go check it out.)

Here's an image from the shoot. It is the only one I have, so far.

The rest will be coming soon! Check it out!


Thanks again to my brother-in-law again, the human prop. I also like that it looks like I could possibly kick his ass. He's a bodybuilder, one of those massive house-like guys. So, I found it all pretty funny.