Jinx the cat can, at certain angles, appear to be a cat from Hell. So it's only appropriate that the social media influencer will be mayor of Hell.

Jinx Will Be The Official Mayor Of Hell This Sunday, April 24

Jinx, the big eyed cat has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, and the California feline will be named Mayor of Hell, Michigan in a ceremony this Sunday.

The Reverend Vonn of the Village of Hell will swear Jinx in at 4pm Sunday, in a ceremony that will be livestreamed on the cat's Twitch page.

Jinx is known nationally because of his big green eyes, which are the result of a mild birth defect. Jinx also has malformed feet, which stick out to the side, making him even more cuter in the eyes of the internet. In addition to his sizable Instagram (@bigfootjinx) following, Jinx also has over 750,000 TikTok fans.

So How Did A California Cat Become Mayor Of A Small Michigan Town?

Easy. He paid for it, just like everyone else.

The truth is anyone can be Mayor of Hell for a day, via the town's web site, gotohellmi.com.

As part of a find raising campaign, anyone can fill in the form, cough up $100, and be named official mayor for a day. Just go here to complete the proper paperwork, and you, too, can be MAYOR OF HELL!!

In addition to swearing in a cat this Sunday, the following Saturday, April 30, Hell will be throwing a party to celebrate the return of Mountain Dew's Flaming Hot pop. 

I guess it's officially MTN DEW, now, but whatever. DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame will be spinning some tunes at Sparky's Bar, so go to hell and meet him. It's only appropriate.

According to the pop culture web site Bleeding Cool:

To celebrate earning the title, MTN DEW Flamin' Hot is journeying into the depths of Hell, Michigan for a one-night only event, affectionately called To Hell with MTN DEW Flamin' Hot, on April 30. DEW fans from across the country are invited to join in on the fun. Not only that, but Jersey icon and loyal GTL proponent, DJ Pauly D, is joining MTN DEW in Hell to bring the fire beats.


"When MTN DEW asked me to go to Hell, I thought they were messing with me. But then I realized they wanted my help to make Hell even hotter with my fire beats. There is no one better to bring the heat. Yeaaahhh buddy!" says DJ Pauly D.


"I had a blast coming up with these recipes for MTN DEW Flamin' Hot and I mean who else can say they whipped up the finest grub in Hell?" says Chef and Rapper, Action Bronson.

If Jinx the Cat can make it, that would be great. That way, he could sell some of his merch!

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