Nothing can ruin a fun evening more than bad winter weather, but one Canadian groom wouldn't let a little snow keep his wedding guests from enjoying the reception.

Jeremy Landry, and his newlywed wife Sarah, had their wedding in beautiful, wintry Nova Scotia. But by around 9:30 that evening, their guests' cars were nearly buried in the accumulated snow.

Jeremy told BuzzFeed Canada, “My father-in-law came in and said I should go out and have a look[.] When I went outside I realized how much snow had fallen.”

With the snow nearly up to his knees, Jeremy realized that his guests' vehicles wouldn't be able to go anywhere. Their reception hall offered to let the wedding guests stay the night, but Jeremy and Sarah didn't want their friends and family sleeping on mats. So Jeremy ditched his suit for his warm clothes, and he ventured out with his father-in-law to retrieve their snow plow.

Jeremy then dug out his guests, plowed out the nearby roads, and helped them all return home safely. He says he didn't get home to his wife until around 4:30 a.m.

“'The thing I can say about the night is that it’s me, it’s what I would have been doing if it wasn’t my wedding night,' Landry told BuzzFeed Canada. 'This is an amazing story that I guarantee we will never forget.'”

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