The picture is from Australia, and Australia write Day/Month/Year but yes, it is true....Call of Duty: Black Ops is bringing on the the online glory with more Multiplayer Maps! Don't be

From "A sneak DLC attack from Black Ops has been thwarted by GAME’s Australian retail site, which posted an early flyer for Escalation, a five-map pack heading to Xbox 360 May 3. Escalation looks to feature five separate maps–a zoo, a hotel, a highway, a rural warehouse and somewhere with hordes and hordes of zombies. The DLC will be released on Xbox before heading to PS3 and PC, according to the Microsoft-Activision exclusivity deal. The first map pack for Black Ops, First Strike, launched on PS3 and PC one month after hitting 360."

So who is gonna jump on this, May 3rd is your day of Zombies!