Iron Maiden released their new album The Book of Souls on Friday, and it's a massive album! There's so much to take in on the 92 minutes of music, I haven't made it completely through everything on it. There's a lot of music there, and one song, 'Empire of the Clouds', runs over 18 minutes long!

Recently, Bruce Dickinson (an actual airline pilot as well) flew a bunch of fans to France to listen to the new album in the studio where the band recorded it. While there, he jumped on the piano and played a bit of the song 'Empire of the Clouds'. He even played a bit of the song that apparently didn't make it on the album.

"That was the bit we never played on it. There at the end. Because they were so freaked out by having to play the earlier bits, that I just thought it's not worth bothering to have a go at them, tell them that they missed a bit."

:37 seconds in on the video

Bruce then gets cut off as he was about to explain the section as being for his friend Jon Lord, from Deep Purple, who died from pancreatic cancer.

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