Remember the annoying "Will Brett Favre retire or not?" saga that led into the 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 NFL seasons?

Ultimately, everyone just got sick of it and begged him to either put up or shut up. Well, Brett is 45 now and in a new interview with Sports Illustrated, he said he could still play in the league. But don't worry. He won't actually do it.

In the interview Farve said,

I think I could play. As far as throwing. Of course, we're not trying to start some he's-coming-out-of-retirement deal . . . Do I think I could play and lead a team? Look, no. But I could play. I could make all the throws I made before, I just couldn't throw it near as far, but that never matters anyway.

Check out a portion of the interview below!

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