Scientists have been researching anti-aging for a long time now, and they think they've stumbled upon something that not only can turn back the clock in aging mice, but also helps mend broken bones faster!

Only problem, the cure is young blood, so you'll have to go all Lestat on some teens or something.

Apparently, injecting older mice with young mouse blood turns back the clock on them, reversing the signs of aging, and the little buggers stopped having to use their canes and walkers, and hopped right back into the mouse wheel, churning away. At least they do in my mind.

They also broke some mousey arms and pitted the vegan mice against the full-blown cannibal blood-drinking mice. The vampire mice kicked ass at healing broken bones faster than their wimpy vegan friends.

This gets me thinking about these poor mice now. Is there someone who's job it is to go break a poor little mouse arm, so they can study the speed of healing? How f***** up is that?

"What did you do today, dear?"

"I broke some mouse arms."


"They, um...had it coming?"

That's never going to go over with the wife, dude.

Someone at Duke University involved with the study is a creepy mouse sadist.