Like gyms, bowling centers were allowed to reopen on Wednesday but there is no open bowling, it is just for league members for the time being.

Bowling is something I have participated in on and off throughout my life and really enjoy the sport. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't permit me to be on a league or I would still be rolling.

I do from time to time take my son. He likes to bowl but under the new rules for bowling centers, there is not open bowling for the public, just league bowlers only.

I get it, leagues are really where bowling centers make their money. It is not just the bowling fees, but food and drinks play a big part in how alleys make their money not to mention if they have a pro shop in house to sell supplies and make repairs.

According to WOOD, bowling centers have been required to limit the number of bowlers in their establishment.

Bowling centers up north were allowed to reopen a couple months ago but they were shutdown shortly thereafter.

Bowling centers across the state have been preparing for reopening for six months while other centers have shut down permanently.

If you have a certain bowling center you would like to see make it, you may want to see what league options you have and get signed up before the teams all fill up.

My guess will be since the centers will be only allowed so many people, leagues will be smaller or even split on different days each week. Check with your local bowling center to find what is available to you and your schedule.

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