In case you have not heard, there is a new James Bond movie out and while this is "No Time to Die" we are (metaphorically) dying over this house!

While scrolling through some Michigan real estate, scoping out the best of the best, we stumbled upon something that made us say "woah, THAT'S a HOUSE!?"

It is sleek, it is modern and when we first saw it, we thought this looked like some sort of villain's lair. Not in a bad way at all, there is just something so glamorously intimidating about it all.

Don't jut take our word for it, though...

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About The Almost $2.9 Million Home

According to the Zillow listing, this 11,339 square foot home is located at 11 Brady Lane in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

It was built in 1993 and is described on Zillow as a "Modern Luxury Estate" designed as a custom home by DeRosiers.

Besides "James Bond" movies, if you also like to watch a lot of HGTV, you will also appreciate the "open concept" floor plan that goes through pretty much the entire house.

They say there are also THREE master suites in addition to two other bedrooms and a total of SEVEN bathrooms.

There is also a tennis court in the backyard!

Seeing is Believing

We could talk all day about how spectacular this place is, but we'd rather let you take a look at it all and soak it in for yourself:

Live Out Your Bond Villain Fantasies in This Bloomfield Hills, MI Mansion

With sleek, classic, symmetrical designs throughout this entire home, we are getting all sorts of stylish, Bond-Villain vibes.

What Do You Think?

We know the sleek, dark, modern look is not for everyone but there is just something so dang special about this home.

Of course, like many of us do while scrolling through real estate websites, we like to daydream about what we would do with each space.

Despite some minor tweaks and changes we would make to a few areas, NOBODY better even try to touch that black marble!

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