During his 'Never Ending Tour,' folk legend Bob Dylan performed a concert at Philadelphia’s Academy of Music last month. Sounds normal, right? The thing is, this particular gig was like none other before it; Dylan's audience consisted of only one superfan. Yes, there was nobody else in the audience.

The show was filmed as a segment for the Swedish film series, 'Experiment Ensam,' translated as 'Experiment Alone,' in which subjects are placed in situations where they can experience events that are meant for large parties, completely alone. In this particular situation, Dylan superfan Fredrik Wilkingsson was able to watch Dylan perform covers of Buddy Holly’s 'Heartbeat,' 'Blueberry Hill' by Fats Domino and Chuck Wills’ 'It’s Too Late (She’s Gone)'.

We're guessing some people would have killed for that experience.

Since the segment was filmed, a video of the show has been posted and you can watch the entire thing below. Sorry Fredrik, it's not only yours anymore.