Today on Segment 16, it was a big football weekend, with the Lions winning, and the amazing upset victory CMU pulled off. But was it a legit victory?

There was some hinkiness before the big ending of the CMU game, and all the refs, as well as the reviewers have been suspended for a couple games for the screwup. How will this affect Oklahoma State is yet to be seen.

And hey! The Lions won! The world is ending.

Also, it turns out the rebuilding of the rapids isn't as far along as we all thought. Or even started, or even completely planned, or even funded, or...wait, WTF?

Joe went to a fundraiser for the rapids, and found out that not only is it now underway, but the funding isn't complete, and there's not even a timeline on when things will happen. Wait, wasn't this funded and supposed to start a long time ago?

And what's with the freaking freeways here? It goes on and on.