Big Brother fans enjoyed one of their favorite signs of summer this week, the introduction of the houseguests for Big Brother 18 on CBS.

12 houseguests were introduced on Tuesday, including one Michigan native. The total of 12 should leave room for four more houseguests.

Find out who the other four houseguests could be and meet the Michigan native who has already been introduced.

Michelle Meyer of Washington Township, Mich. is one of twelve houseguests announced by CBS. Michelle is a nutritionist. She is 23 years old.

"Be underestimated." I want to be smarter than people think I am, stronger than people think I am, etc. It gives you the upper hand!

...I will also potentially be in a showmance, if I think it helps in the game. I want to take on all the punishments I can and appear weak while still winning competitions. I want a solid alliance to take to the end, but, secretly, have a better relationship with a few of the people.

Now for the rumors of the return of a former Big Brother houseguest from's not Dan Gheesling. BuddyTV reports that Ubly, Michigan's Nicole Franzel from Big Brother 16 will be one of four former houseguests returning this season.

BuddyTV's report should be considered rumor, but it has already been proven right about two new houseguests being siblings of former houseguests.

The Big Brother 18 three-hour premiere spans two nights, with two hours on Wednesday, June 22, 8PM - 10PM, and one hour on Thursday, June 23, 9PM - 10PM. Julie Chen returns as host.

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