When you think of a graveyard, the first thing that may come to mind is the idea that it may be haunted by the spirits of those who dwell within it. There was one graveyard in particular in Michigan where, any spirits that haunted it wouldn't be the souls of endless breakfast buffets. Where the spirit scent of the special Big Boy Burger sauce lingers in the air. That's right, there was once a graveyard filled with Boy Boy statues in Michigan, and there may still exist another.

One of the employees from the Upper Peninsula Supply Company recalled discovering this mysterious site, saying:

Who remembers the Big Boy Graveyard? To our knowledge it's long gone, but discovering it while in high school was like coming across a hidden treasure. The legend lives on, from the double deck hamburger on down.

As it turns out the once graveyard site was abandoned, but a new site was recently discovered in Negaunee, Michigan. You can go here to see the pictures of the deteriorating Big Boy statues.

Big Boy seems to be somewhat of an international icon. Even though outside of Michigan, there are only 8 stores between California, Ohio and North Dakota, Japan has a total of 274 Big boy locations. That's apposed to Michigan, Big Boy's birthplace, with only 66 stores. Below is a video of a man documenting the closing of the Milan, Michigan location which opened in 1978 and closed in 2015.

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