The Big Boy mascot sitting out in front of area restaurants may be a thing of the past. The restaurant's name remains the same, but the mascots will be changing. Big Boy is moving aside for Dolly, at least for now.

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It’s all part of a promotional campaign to announce the release of the restaurant’s new fried chicken sandwich. The company is referring to this change as a "big clucking deal".

Dolly has been featured in the "Adventures of the Big Boy" comic books and kids menus since the 1950’s. Now she's getting her own sandwich -- The Dolly Chicken Sandwich!

The sandwich features a hand-breaded chicken sandwich with pickles, signature Big Boy® tartar sauce and a toasted brioche bun.

Management says the switch in franchise faces has nothing to do with the nationwide push to remove offensive names, statues and logos. The change was strictly business.

You can learn more about the mascot change on the Big Boy website or keep up to date on their Big Boy Facebook Page.

Will Big Boy return as the mascot after the sandwich has been around for awhile?Time will tell. For the time being, it looks like Dolly is in charge.

Did you know...

There was actually a Big Boy Graveyard in the Upper Peninsula at one point. It was located outside of Negaunee and was a dump site for three old Big Boy statues. According to the U.P. Supply Co. website: "Now however, it is less of a graveyard and more of an entrance to a chained off driveway to the dump site. Rather than lion guardians to the driveway, they’re old, deteriorating Big Boy statues." No exact location has been given.

You can see some of the images of the old Big Boy Graveyard on these sites:

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