As it warms up people will gravitate toward Michigan waters but watch out for these 5 most snake-infested lakes in the state.

Michigan Poisonous Snakes

One good thing about Michigan of the 18 snake species found in the state, we only have one poisonous snake we have to deal with and that is the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake.

If you are near a lake or out in the woods or a field and you see an Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, you should avoid it. Their venom is highly toxic but fatalities are rare.

Michigan's 5 Most Snake-Infested Lakes

Just because Michigan only has one poisonous snake, doesn't mean people want to go near or in water where there are lots of snakes. Here are Michigan's top 5 snake-infested lakes.

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Long Lake is located in Grand Traverse County. If you plan on kayaking or swimming in Long Lake, beware because you will not be alone because it's filled with northern water snakes, eastern garter snakes, and the elusive Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake. Remember, the last one is poisonous.

Lake Orion is not far from my parent's house in Oakland County and I have fished this lake several times and have seen two Eastern Massasaugas there loading a boat on two separate occasions. Lake Orion has a lot of water snakes with some of the most I have ever seen while fishing.

Lake Fenton is even closer to my parent's house than Lake Orion. Lake Fenton is a solid lake to fish but in the summer it is a play lake. Lots of boats, jet skis, and swimmers, oh, and lots of snakes.  You will most likely run into northern water snakes and eastern garter snakes.

Houghton Lake is over 20,000. That is a huge lake, and a lake that size has lots of food for snakes and plenty of places for them to take up shop. The queen snake is a regular on the lake but Houghton has plenty of water snakes and garters in and around it.

Lake St. Clair is not as big as all of the lakes previously mentioned but the marshes that surround this lake are the perfect habitat for the Eastern garter snake and the northern water snake.  I mainly fished Lake St. Clair in the winter because the perch fishing is amazing but we don't get safe ice like we used to so I have been there in years. The few times I fished it in the summer months I always saw snakes cruising on the water near the shorelines feeding.

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