If there is one thing we at the Free Beer and Hot Wings show know the best, it is where to get the best snacks.  Judging by how we look, it is obvious that you could call us experts on the subject.  We have come to the conclusion that Better Made snacks are the best snacks money can buy!  Whether it is their potato chips, their pretzels, or any of their other loads of lip smackin good treats, we find ourselves picking Better Made over and over again.  You literally can’t go wrong with any of their snacks.  Trust us when we say that Better Made is the best and if you don’t believe us then get out to any snack or pizza station ASAP in order to get your hands on the only snacks that will continuously satisfy all of your hunger cravings.

To prove that we love Better Made; we have a giant box full of all of their delectable treats so that we may feast upon its goodness while we say stupid things on the radio.  During each break we dive for the box so that we may hoard treats from one another because when push comes to shove there are only so many Better Made snacks in the box and we all have our favorites, no matter how hard it was to choose a favorite.  But we not only gorge ourselves during the show but we also make sure to have secret stashes in our own homes so that we can continue our guilty pleasure in the comfort of our homes away from the temped hands of the other guys on the show.  We also make sure to raid stores right before a cook out or before we travel for work so that we are never more than a few moments away from the Better Made snacks that we crave.  We may be addicts. “Hi we are The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show and we are addicted to Better Made.

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