Wednesday was more than hump day when the bill signed by Snyder was sponsored by Grand Rapids area's own Republican state Rep. Tommy Brann! Can anyone say "Cheers"?

The bill enables eligible merchants to legally sell and fill growlers! Now I'll drink to that!

This new law, Public Act 40 of 2018, has basically changed what can be called an "eligible merchant" and lays out some new rules:

  • The location where the filling of growlers takes place complies with all applicable Michigan food laws.
  • The growler must be sealed after it has been filled and must include a label that includes the brand name, the class of the beer, the net contents of the container, and the name of the retailer filling the growler.
  • The eligible merchant or the merchant's agent or employee can not fill a growler in advance of the sale.
  • The growler must be a clean, refillable, resealable container that has a liquid capacity that does not exceed one gallon.
  • The eligible merchant only fills growlers from a container that has a capacity of five gallons or more and complies with all of the applicable rules of the Liquor Control Commission.

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