Like every year in America, 2016 started with the notion of fresh promise on January 1. Sure, some of us had a champagne hangover from the night before, but we also had hopes and resolutions and excitement for the 365 days to come!

Then David Bowie died just ten days later, followed by still more culturally impactful deaths: Prince, Harry Potter actor Alan Rickman, Earth, Wind & Fire's Maurice White, soul singer Sharon Jones, country singer Joey Feek, Muhammad Ali, Garry Shandling and Leonard Cohen, just a name a few. The next thing you know, we were all fighting with our Facebook friends in the most divisive presidential election cycle in American history. And that's to say nothing of the myriad disasters and tragedies, such as the Pulse massacre in Orlando that claimed 49 victims in one night and a substantial uptick in hate crimes since the election. It was enough to make even the most fervent optimist want to maybe just lie down on the couch for a minute, or maybe even a few days as they proceed to eat their feelings and reflect on it all.

Twitter users have noted this dark shift and have responded with (what else?) memes, which hilariously use "before and after" photos to show on the outside how our collective spirits have aged 100 years on the inside as we bid goodbye to the year. Some reference pop culture and others are just plain absurd, but all of them just might make you feel better — or at least validated in your "suck it, 2016" sentiments.

Check out the funniest "Me at the Beginning of 2016 Vs. Me at the End of 2016" memes below.

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