Crobot are a creative bunch of guys, previously showing their artistic side by doing their own artwork and branching out in branding with their own brew. Now, frontman Brandon Yeagley is about to expand the ideas of the band's song "Legend of the Spaceborne Killer" and create a new sci-fi adventure for a graphic novel.

Yeagley will reimagine characters and stories from his lyrics for the page-turner and he's teamed up with The Kubert School's Sean Stramara, who is serving as the project's lead artist and designer. Colorist Brittany Pezzillo and letterer Joshua Sloniker complete the team working on the comic that will be released by Yeagley and Stramara's new Pro Hobo Comics independent publishing company.

Yeagley says, “What started as a barroom conversation with comic book artist and Kubert School of Comics teacher Sean Stramara, Legend of the Spaceborne Killer has reared its bearded head into existence. We wanted to give the most avid Beardos a glimpse at the underlying stories of their favorite Crobot tunes for the ultimate fan experience in comic form. Will we finally find out what he has in his hand?”

The team just launched a PledgeMusic campaign to fund the graphic novel. Fans can pre-order items such as hard or soft cover versions of Issue 1 (with a variant cover by Crobot guitarist Bishop), custom 11 x 17, original page art, and much, much more. Check it out here.

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